Reaching to the top of the slitter scorer knives was only possible by customers’ support.
We will repay customers with more advanced products.

BORIM TECH has become the No.1 company in the field of corrugator slitter scorer knife in Korea through the commitment of the unlimited research investment and the continuous improvement in quality.

SS Power Knife, the best outcome by efforts without compromise on quality.
Reasonable price efforts to supply more good quality products.
Maintenance policy that actively responds to customers' requirements when needed.

We will do our best to become the comprehensive solution company of carbide materials with diversified and competitive items as we have devoted ourselves to the localization of the slitter scorer knife which was dependent only on imports.

In addition, based on the technology of the domestic leader company of scorer knife and standing on the challenging spirit, we will continue our efforts to be recognized in the global market.

Thank you.

President, CEO 박준철